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Best Retirement Cities

Urban retirees often rave about their great access to public transportation systems, lots of parks, plenty of choices for health care, continuing education opportunities at universities and colleges, as well as proximity to airports for quick trips. Every retiree wants different things in their ideal retirement city and experts also have recommendations for someone looking to retire to an urban area. Some criteria you should look at are weather, cost of living, conveniences, diversity in people and cultural attractions.

Below, we’re going to analyze several different thoughts on some popular cities for retirees.

1. College towns like Chapel Hill, N.C., and Austin, Texas, are popular with retirees because they have cultural attractions, beautiful natural environment, as well as plenty of technology companies which keep the population up to date and energized. Chapel Hill has a mild climate and several types of retirement communities to choose from no matter what your needs may be. Recreation like golf or tennis, are major draws as well which makes Phoenix, Arizona, with more than 400 golf courses a retirement hot spot (excuse the pun…Phoenix is hot so you’ll never deal with snow ever again). For the retiree who wants plenty of things to do yet wants to be close to nature, Asheville, NC is a great retirement destination.

2. There are some cities which are very popular with retirees. Chicago is one because of its transportation systems and quantity of universities. Atlanta is popular due to its warm climate and slower pace of life compared to northern major cities. For the history and museum buff, Alexandria, Virginia is a great city to retire to because it’s extremely close to Washington D.C. which is full of museums and historical sites. Boston has a unique culture related to its wealth, scientific institutions, and plethora of world-class universities. For the outdoor enthusiast, Denver, CO is minutes away from the Rocky Mountains and some of the best skiing in the world.


3. Retiring overseas can be a good option for someone who wants a bit of adventure and is prepared for a major shift of life. Costa Rica offers beautiful beaches and tax opportunities which can be explored for the wealthy retiree. Retiring to Europe can be a good option for a retiree who wants a change of life yet doesn’t want to go without many of the modern amenities. Switzerland is a gorgeous country with plenty of activities for the active senior yet also has a very private culture that doesn’t tread on people’s rights (Swiss banking didn’t get so famous without some truth to the rumors). Another benefit of retiring to Europe is that you can visit many countries by simply hopping on a train. There are also very cheap airfares to different countries from all the major cities in Europe.

4. There are many financial aspects to consider when you’re retiring to different cities. Many states don’t have income taxes (Wyoming, Alaska, Nevada, Florida, South Dakota, Washington and Texas) so choosing a city in one of these states can be advantageous. Any shopper will love not having sales taxes so a city in Oregon, Alaska, Delaware, Montana and New Hampshire is something to consider. Just make sure to check property tax rates before you move because many states make up for low income and sales taxes with exorbitant property taxes. If they have low property taxes as well, make sure that you’re not moving into a backwoods area with poor roads and medical services.

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5. Money Magazine is a fantastic source for retirement info since they publish a listing of all the best places to retire. They cover certain things that are uncommon to most rankings like longevity of living and historical facts. Want to move to Hawaii? Honolulu County is one of the top 10 for longevity…so get packing!


Popular Cities For Retirement: Albuquerque, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Miami, Minneapolis, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York City, Norfolk, Orlando, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland Oregon, Sacramento, San Diego, Salt Lake City, San Antonio, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, St Louis, Tampa, Tucson

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