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Las Vegas is a retirement mecca due to its warm weather, lively world-famous entertainment, and low taxes. Las Vegas is synonymous with entertainment due to its bustling casino, convention, and tourism industries. With so many large casinos full of restaurants, clubs, and shows, it's almost impossible to be bored in Las Vegas.

For the nature fan, a quick trip over to Lake Mead, the lake behind the Hoover Dam, can provide a day full of boating, fishing, and relaxation.

Due to its tourism industry, flying to and from Las Vegas is very easy for anyone in the world. This means you can visit family and friends quickly or they can come visit you since there are so many flights available.

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Many consider Las Vegas to be among the best retirement cities in the U.S. Here are some other reasons to choose living in Las Vegas.


Retirement Housing Options: In Las Vergas there are unique housing options which include condos, apartments for rent, hi-rises, retirement communities, lofts, co-ops, luxury condominiums, top end townhouses and other housing for over 55 boomers and seniors. Las Vegas has a building boom in retirement homes that went down with the economy, but now you can benefit by buying your retirement home at a much cheaper price.

Many retirement communities and 55 active adult retirement communities were build in the last decade in the Las Vegas Nevada area giving the retirees excellent choices in retirement homes.

Social Opportunities: studies have shown that a good group of friends is more important to a happy retirement than money or health. Las Vegas offers many opportunities with civic groups and hobby clubs to generate a solid core group of friends. These friends can help ward off the problems of aging like dementia and health issues.

Public Transportation: rural living isn't good for seniors who can't drive since they require someone's help to get around. The expenses of transportation add up quickly for fixed-income seniors so the public transportation of Las Vegas is quite beneficial. Even better is that most public transit systems have senior rates that are much cheaper than normal.

Access to Medical Services: it's pretty obvious that if you live near a hospital, you're more likely to survive a medical emergency. Despite how your mind feels, the body starts to break down and there's a good chance you'll need a hospital visit during your retirement years. Living in Las Vegas is great since there are more specialists and medical services available and at cheaper rates.

Access to Local Businesses: city living offers walking distance to most businesses that you'll ever use in your retirement years. Even if you need to travel, there are a lot more shopping centers and discount stores in urban areas.

Fitness: exercise is critical to keeping healthy during your retirement years. Cities have every type of fitness facility from standard fitness centers to niche fitness places like indoor rock climbing walls so there's something for everyone. Even if you want to exercise on your own, there's tons of parks or indoor malls to enjoy walking in.

Continuing Education: today’s seniors know the importance of exercising their brains, as well as their bodies. Urban living provides access to a wide range of classes, through local universities, museums, city recreation departments, etc. Enrolling in these types of courses can help stave off the depression that some people feel once they stop working full time.

Food and Entertainment: retirement should be full of activities you never had a chance to enjoy while working. Dinners out to fancy restaurants or weekend getaways to a nearby city or historical site are all possible living in a city. Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world, so retirees have tons of entertainment venues on the Las Vegas strip and there's always something going on.

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