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Retiring to the City of Chicago

For many active seniors, retiring to a city can be something they never would’ve expected they’d be interested in. Dreams of relaxation and golf can quickly turn to boredom when that’s all there is to do in a smaller community or the same town they’ve lived in their whole career.

Retiring to a high rise however can be quite exciting. With many luxuries like concierge services to deliver different goods like dry cleaning and food, as well as fitness centers, pools, and other resort-like amenities, retiring to a big city for your golden years can be just the thing to prevent boredom and have endless opportunities for fun.

Chicago is a great city to consider moving to. A Chicago high rise like the Belmont Harbor can provide all the amenities a senior would need while being close to all the fun activities a historic and diverse city like Chicago has to offer.

Here are some of the different amenities of Chicago for the retiree.

Chicago Social Scene

Chicago is the 3rd largest city in the United States. With it comes a lot of social opportunities no matter what the interests you.

For example, for the politically active retiree, the City Club Chicago is Illinois’s premier public affairs forum. Started in 1903, it has different meetings with civic and business leaders as well as other events with politicians. Many famous members of Chicago society have been members or are still members today.

You can visit their site at and are both websites that are geared toward events and meetups with other people interested in the same subject that you are interested in.

These are available in all cities but larger ones like Chicago will have a much larger variety of people in them as well as more clubs overall.

Chicago Public Transportation

Chicago has the nation’s 2nd largest public transportation system with over 11,000 bus stops serviced by more than 1700 buses. If that wasn’t enough to get around anywhere you need to be there are 224 miles of rails with 144 stations.

One of the unique benefits of Chicago is that it’s rail system serves both major airports, Midway and O’Hare. That means there’s no need to figure out how to get to the airport. You can just take the train!

Lastly, some of the routes in the system run all night so if you happen to be out late you can hop on the 24 hour “night owl” line.

Access To Medical Services in Chicagoland

Chicago has lots of medical schools within its city limits. The University of Illinois, Northwestern, University of Chicago, and Rush University all have affiliated medical centers.

Many of these facilities have outpatient surgery centers, walk in clinics, and other affiliated service facilities depending on your needs.

Since Chicago is such a large city, there is a lot of cutting edge research done in both a clinical and research capacity. Since these medical centers are attached to universities, there’s a unique partnership that develops between the “practical” hospital and the “training ground” of a university. This means that you’ll not only be taken care of by practicing doctors but you’ll have the “trainers of doctors” available for your medical needs.

Access To Local Businesses in Chicago

Many high rise apartments will have concierge services available. This means that you can have someone else take care of your laundry, dry cleaning, appointment setting, and also have someone there to help you plan activities and day trips.

In many areas, there are markets, salons, and other street level businesses that you can walk to. The beauty of Chicago city living is that you know there are always good pizza, Italian, and other ethnic restaurants that aren’t usually found in smaller communities

Chicago Has Famous Restaurants

For deep dish pizza fans, Chicago is one of the best cities to live in. If New York City is known for its thin crust, then Chicago is just as famous for deep dish style. The pizza wars will probably never be solved but no matter what your favorite style is, Chicago has some delicious pies for you to enjoy. Giordano’s Pizza is a famous pizza place with 40 different locations.

Chicago is also famous for Italian Beefs and Chicago dogs. No matter what neighborhood you live in, you can find a place that serves these culinary delights.

Fitness Lifestle

A common amenity in Chicago condos is a fitness center. Although these aren’t Gold’s Gyms with 10,000 different machines and all sorts of classes (maybe that’s a little exaggerated), they will have the basics for you to stay fit.

Also, since you’re living in a city, there are plenty of opportunities to visit parks and walk to and from your activities. Take the train to the other side of town, walk around, visit, enjoy the sites, come back on the train. Either way, you’re physically active.

Continuing Education Opportunities for Retirees

Chicago is home to a lot of public and private universities. University of Illinois Chicago, Northwestern University, and the University of Chicago are just some of the many institutions of learning.

These all have public courses, night classes, and seminars that you can attend.

For more professional training (we know you’re never going to 100% retire), you can visit the Chamber of Commerce and business networking groups for short courses and classes related to your profession.

City living is full of potential training opportunities as long as you’re willing to hunt them out!

Entertainment for Your Retirement Lifestyle

Chicago is full of culture. With universities brimming with cultural attractions like museums and arenas, you can visit them almost any day of the week for activities.

Chicago is also home to many professional sports teams. In baseball, there are the Cubs and White Sox. In football, there are the Bears. In basketball, there are the Bulls. Lastly, there are the Blackhawks in the National Hockey League. For the sports fan, there are an infinite number of opportunities to watch sports and enjoy the atmosphere of a game.

If museums and galleries are your thing, Chicago’s Science and Industry Museum as well as the Art Institute of Chicago can’t be missed.

Overall, retiring to a Chicago high rise can be exactly what you’re looking for in retirement. As you can see there are tons of activities for anyone with any interests on earth. That’s the beauty of city living.

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