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6 Things to Consider when Retiring in the City

When people decide to retire, they often think about moving to a more rural area for easy living in a town with less people. Some people, however, know that they would prefer to remain in the city when they retire. When you plan to live in a large city, there are many factors that you must take into account when planning for a retirement in a major town. Here are some factors to consider when planning for a retirement in the big city versus the country.

1. Cost of living

Cost of living generally increases over the years for those who live in big cities. While prices can be driven down during a recession or depression, typically economies will level out and the cost of living, or COLI, will increase slightly year after year. Those who choose to retire in the city should always take into account the increase in cost over their golden years.

2. Ease of Living

Though some people advocate for retiring in a small town for easy living, the city can be exponentially easier for retirees to live in. Cities typically offer more options for those who are retiring. Cities tend to have a variety of retirement options such as senior communities, nursing home, and condominium communities for those who are over the age of 55.

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3. Easier Access to Healthcare

As a senior, health care becomes more and more of a concern. Health care costs rise significantly as we age and become more and more essential to live a quality life. Access to health care is always best in cities. Most cities have a high number of clinics and hospitals throughout the metropolitan area with a fully equipped staff. There are also many home health aides and homeopathic healers available in large cities for those would like to use these services. Access to quality wellness care is almost always much better in a large city than in a small town or rural area.

4. Employment Opportunities

Though most seniors retire from their career in their 60’s this does not mean that all seniors are ready to leave the work force for good. Many seniors choose to work a part time job or volunteer. Working for pay in the city is easier than finding any means of employment in the country. Country living can mean raising animals and gardening, which are excellent hobbies and ways to provide self-sufficiency. The issue comes along when seniors can no longer deal with the care of animals and food, these forms of employment can become a liability. In a city, it is much easier to find employment, and then stop working at will.

5. Living Around Family

Many families live in the suburbs or urban areas. Though some retire to the country to be around family, others may choose to retire in the city when looking to remain around children and grandchildren. It is also easier for the grandchildren to visit their grandparents on a regular basis when they live in a condo or home just on the other side of the city. Retirees can also help their children's budgets by providing child care and sitting services several times a month or week.

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6. Mobility Issues are Easier

When driving becomes a major chore that just isn’t going to work anymore, retirees can use the public transportation options that are available in the city. Seniors who have issues walking can also use scooters, walkers, or power chairs with general ease on city sidewalks and in buildings.

Planning for a retirement in the city, may mean setting aside and investing more money to assure that a cost in living expenses and health care costs can be accounted for, but in all, city living during retirement can be easier than retiring in lower cost, small towns. The amount of money that it takes to retire in the city will depend on the metropolitan area itself, however, those who currently live in the city will be able to accurately gauge the amount of money it requires monthly in the budget. City retirement planning is not as difficult as it may seem and can create easier living than the country.

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